To Mop or Not?

September 15, 2015

Did you know that the traditional method of mopping your floors doesn't really clean them? So you get your bucket, your mop and some chemical like bleach or some pine scented stuff and add some hot water. Which means your set up resembles the picture to the left. However, most do not go through the trouble of getting a bucket, so in reality you probably utilize the "mop from the sink" method pictured right. 

But, the harsh reality is these methods are not truly cleaning your floor. Even if you have a more “state of the art” mop and bucket like the one on the left or a more “professional” mop and bucket like the rolling yellow classic on the lower right.         
So lets take a look at what is taking place beneath the surface (or what is not taking place beneath the surface). When you run your mop across your floor it picks up some (more than you want) of the germs that have taken refuge in your grout lines, cracks, crevices, and rough surfaces, along with some of the dirt and grime that is present on the floor. This includes fecal matter and other rather disgusting gunk. When you reintroduce the mop head into the chemical/water mix it just becomes diluted fecal matter and rather disgusting gunk. Then you ring it out and reapply the diluted fecal matter and rather disgusting gunk to the floor. This cycle continues until you think you have cleaned the whole floor. The germs that survive that process become stronger and more resilient. Those germs will thrive off of the new fecal matter and rather disgusting gunk and they will cause illness and odor.

So, what then is the solution? The quick and easy answer is your floors need The Golding Touch. The more technical answer is this: you need the most technologically advanced equipment and the most pH balanced solutions along with the expertise and legendary service provided by The Golding Touch.

Our system utilizes ECO friendly solutions to break down the oil, fat and grease that is creating dull and less appealing appearance of your floor. We also employ enzymes that eat away at the bacteria that cause odors and illness in the home. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified. They will only provide LEGENDARY service, because LEGENDARY service provides LEGENDARY results. Schedule your cleaning today!